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**Dont get your drinking water from the anaerobic, [oxygen depleted bacterial zone up to 40cm from the bottom] where all debris including bird droppings, aerial sprays, dead insects settle.

FOT20. Comes with 1.M of food grade suction hose (colour may vary) which is suitable for all tanks up to 3000 Litres.
* Overall length to bottom of the float is 1.4M
The ‘FFOT’ has an intake screen PVC elevator which prevents the intake from sitting in the sludge when water level is very low.

The FOT20 does NOT come with a hose connector at the end, it will depend on your tank outlet, please ask.SOME SMALL TANKS HAVE A 32MM THREADED OUTLET OTHERS 25MM

You may need one of my Easy Fit Tank Fittings, I make one for 25mm outlet threads for $35 extra.(2ND PIC). Screws directly into tank 25mm outlet providing a male thread inside for the FOT & a hose connector.  Comes with instructions.
The EZFIT kit for 32mm outlets with a 90 degree hose connector is $46.00

Can supply 25mm, 32mm & 40mm & 50mm FOT’s.
┬áPlease use ‘ORDER’ to start the purchase process, I will reply with bank details & shipping cost in the invoice.
RainHarvest Products. Paraparaumu near Coastlands

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Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 21 cm


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