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ONE 150mm Wallace seal. Recommended Hole Saw size 168mm.
The quickest & best way to connect your water tank to your down pipe and then overflow back to your drain!

Easy to fit once you have cut a hole to suit the seal. The Wallace Seal has been specially designed to make the fitting of overflow pipes and down pipes to polyethylene tanks simple and reliable. Just drill a hole, fit the seal and push in the pipe. Suits curved and flat surfaces.
Unique multiple lips ensures a high integrity seal. Easy to install, you only require the right sized Hole saw and drill
Accommodates tank thickness up to 15mm. Tested to 4 metres of Head.
Using PVC with a non migratory plasticiser the Wallace Seal creates a semi-flexible joint between pipe and tank.

65mm; Suitable for 65mm Drain Waste & Vent AS/NZS1260 Recommended Hole Saw size 76mm.
80mm;Suitable for 80mm Drain Waste & Vent AS/NZS1260 Recommended Hole Saw size 89mm.

Other sizes available;
50mm Recommended Hole Saw size 65mm.
32mm Recommended Hole Saw size 44mm.
25mm Pressure Pipe to AS/NZ 1477.2 Recommended Hole Saw size 43mm

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Weight .14 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 cm