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Prevent the first rain flush from your roof with bird droppings, leaves, dust & dirt etc entering your tank

WATER TANK FIRST FLUSH BASIC KIT FOR 80mm or 90 Downpipe (as in photo). For use with 90mm Dump Tube (Grey PVC which you will need to purchase from a friendly plumber or MICO plumbing or other major supplier.

For 65mm Downpipe. ($25 extra for 2 x 65mm adaptors).

Perfect for small tanks up to 2000 litres.   RainHarvest Products Made First Flush Kit   All you need to complete is 1 or more metres of 90mm grey pipe & solvent cement.  Comes with two PVC mounting brackets, drill to suit. A Float ball inside the dump tube stops flotsam from flowing to the tank when the system is full. At the bottom there is a 90mm removable Cap with a 15mm chromed Brass Italian ball valve tap & garden Hose fitting for drip/drain control and dumping of sludge.   The ‘T’ junction diverter is suitable for VERTICAL or (HORIZONTAL as in first pic) connections **Please specify orientation

Other pics are examples ONLY & are not what is on auction & show one & two metre setup. **1 metre x 90mm tube capacity = aprox 6 litres. By extending the dump tube along the ground capacity can be increased, using 80mm DP can reduce cost of extensions.

** I have LARGE Capacity 220 Litre Drum First Flush systems in my other listings for 90mm and 100mm downpipe sizes.
Also a RainHarvest Products Made First Flush 50L Kit
Please view my other FIRST FLUSH listings.

North Island Mainlandi EXCEPT RURAL $13.00
North Island Mainland RURAL $15.00
All South Island Mainland EXCEPT RURAL $16.00
All South Island Mainland including rural $18.00

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