First Flush Diverter Kit 200 Litre for 100mm Downpipe



*RainHarvest Products Paraparaumu* Designed & Made First Flush Kit using 100 mm PVC components & a clean plastic 200 Litre Drum.
Best value on the market, nothing else needed, only some regular 100mm Marley downpipe to fit between the diverter & the drum & whatever is needed for the tank.

A Float ball installed between the top of the S bend & the Diverter stops flotsam from flowing to the tank when the system is full.
There is a 50mm Cap with a ball valve/tap & garden Hose fitting at bottom for drip/drain control and dumping of sludge.

***The ‘T’ junction diverter can be supplied for vertical or horizontal connections, ***make sure you specify which..***

Easy to disconnect & clean out whenever necessary.
Comes with instructions.


*Great for Commercial buildings etc.
This is the cheapest on the market by far & probably the greatest capacity.

I also make a First Flush System for 65mm, 80mm & 90mm downpipe as well. …

The drum is freighted separately from the diverter & bends & tap cap.
*I may be able to install if you are in Greater Wgtn area.

I have a full range of pipe fittings, hose & Taps & many other RainHarvest products.

Shipping options

  • All North Island NO RURAL $40.00
  • All South Island NO RURAL $50.00
  • pick-ups allowed


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