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**A WEED Rotting device saving your trips to the tip!**
Made from one black 200 Litre screw lid drum and a  Blue 100 litre base
Plastic Polyethylene drums, top is made from cut off top of drum & is a snug fit.
Some may need to use a brick in windy locations for ballast.

Cleaned & rinsed.
Previous use pork casings & vinegar or soy sauce.
Comes with quality ball valve [tap] & garden hose end..
* Base is vented to let methane gas escape.

**The top drum is just pushed into the base, it will slide out easy. The top drum does not have to be jammed back tight on to the base when re assembling. .

Dimensions Assembled;
200L is 1130mm high x 570mm Diam

*Using your biodigester:

• Put in any perennial weeds you don’t want sprouting in your compost- kikuyu, couch, tradescantia (wandering willie), grass with seadheads, dock, etc.
• If weeds are dry and woody (eg large amounts of kikuyu), mixing in something juicy like seaweed or comfrey leaves will help kickstart the breakdown process.
• Putting it in full sun also helps speed up the process.
• Check regularly to see if liquid is building up in the bottom chamber- diluted to the colour of weak tea.

Fertiliser and soil conditioner

The solid, fibrous component of the digested material can be used as a soil conditioner to increase the organic content of soils. Digester liquor can be used as a fertiliser to supply vital nutrients to soils instead of chemical fertilisers that require large amounts of energy to produce and transport. The use of manufactured fertilisers is, therefore, more carbon-intensive than the use of anaerobic digester liquor fertiliser.

TO PURCHASE & ORGANISE DELIVERY, order using CART & I’ll reply with banking details & freight costs.
.   ***please provide your District/ Province**

Freight. 2 day service via Fastway/Aramex.   $55 TO 65.00 Each North Island, no rural. (Special rate; normally $120+)
Fastway Aramex. South Island  2/3 day service $65  TO $70 each NO RURAL.
* Towns that dont have an Aramex Drop Off agent* Drums will go to nearest town with a Drop Off Agent.

**  1 to 2 day service Wgtn, LHutt, Porirua, no rural $35 each . Upper Hutt Nth, Wainui, $40  to $45ea
*** 1 to 2 day service Palmerston Nth, Levin,  no rural $35 each
****  7 to 14 day Transport service.  Taranaki, Waikato, Wanganui,  & Nth Island Towns on S.H. 1 $40 each No Rural.
***** 7 to 14 day Service to Auckland, North Akl, Northland $35 each NO RURAL.
****** 7 to 14 day service to South Island towns on SH.1 $40 each. Also Some SH.73. 6 & 7 up to Nelson $40 to $45 each

7 to 14 day service Sth Island S.H 1 Towns  & Marlborough $40 to $45 each no rural .. at this stage.
****** please phone for other area freight options.


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