**A WEED Rotting device saving your trips to the tip!**
Made from two 200 Litre Blue
Plastic Polyethylene drums, top is made from cut off top of drum & is a snug fit.
Some may need to use a brick in windy locations for ballast.

Cleaned & rinsed.
Previous use ascetic acid/vinegar.
Comes with quality chrome ball valve [tap].
* Base is vented to let methane gas escape.

**The top drum is just pushed into the base, it will slide off with a few light kicks or ‘punches’ with heel of your open palm on one side, then the other near the base & then a light pull on the tap. The top drum does not have to be jammed back tight on to the base when re assembling. .

Dimensions Assembled;
200L is 1130mm high x 570mm Diam

*Using your biodigester:

• Put in any perennial weeds you don’t want sprouting in your compost- kikuyu, couch, tradescantia (wandering willie), grass with seadheads, dock, etc.
• If weeds are dry and woody (eg large amounts of kikuyu), mixing in something juicy like seaweed or comfrey leaves will help kickstart the breakdown process.
• Putting it in full sun also helps speed up the process.
• Check regularly to see if liquid is building up in the bottom chamber- diluted to the colour of weak tea.

Fertiliser and soil conditioner

The solid, fibrous component of the digested material can be used as a soil conditioner to increase the organic content of soils. Digester liquor can be used as a fertiliser to supply vital nutrients to soils instead of chemical fertilisers that require large amounts of energy to produce and transport. The use of manufactured fertilisers is, therefore, more carbon-intensive than the use of anaerobic digester liquor fertiliser.

***NO RURAL DELIVERIES Possible*  Only to nearest town drop off point/agent or address of your choosing.

Made by Plastic Welding Repairs Ltd Ppram


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