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How To Identify All IBC Threads

cap thread

This article deals with helping you to study and determine the THREAD ID information for various products.

Take a look at the photos below that have ID descriptions on & with them.

  • IBC = Intermediate Bulk Container, also referred to as; Pontoon, Palleton, Pod or, TOTE, U.N Std Dimensions: 1200mm high x 100cm W x 120cm deep. weight 60 to 65kg.
  • The cage is a light gauge galvanised tube steel. Bladder is made of 3mm HDPE = High Density Polyethylene.
  • The expected life is 16 to 20 years outside before crazing, (UV oxygenation), which hardens & destroys the plastic.
  • **NONE are designated POTABLE (for drinking water).
  • ‘Food Grade’ does NOT mean Potable.
  • Clean Food grade IBC’s are ok for water transportation.

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Intermediate Bulk Containers & Drums

bulk containers

The I.B.C (Intermediate Bulk Container) 1000 Litre Caged Tank specialist.

These are also known by; Pod, Palleton, Pontoon, Tote & Cube.

There are four grades available;

  • Grade 1 = Food Grade
  • Grade 2 = Garden/Stock water Grade
  • Grade 3 = Uncleaned non hazardous, clean yourself
  • Empty cages (very rare, most just buy a $85.00 IBC & remove the bladder).

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