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Intermediate Bulk Containers & Drums

The I.B.C (Intermediate Bulk Container) 1000 Litre Caged Tank specialist.

These are also known by; Pod, Palleton, Pontoon, Tote & Cube.

There are four grades available;

  • Grade 1 = Food Grade
  • Grade 2 = Garden/Stock water Grade
  • Grade 3 = Uncleaned non hazardous, clean yourself
  • Empty cages (very rare, most just buy a $85.00 IBC & remove the bladder).

We Make every possible adapter for these.

Good used, clean 200 Litre Closed Top Plastic Drums (exactly the same style as common 44 Gallon steel drums).
Three grades are available;

  • Grade 1 = Food Grade,
  • Grade 2 = Garden water Grade.
  • Grade 3 = waste Grade

Lid & Clamp Open Top drums in 200L, 160L  & 120L  usually in stock.

Screw Lid 200 – 220 Litre Food Grade available depending on supply. Various sizes of Plastic screw Lid Containers.

Before purchasing any IBC adapter you MUST study the THREAD ID information provided ON MAIN PAGE. This will enable YOU to correctly determine which thread is on your IBC valve and then make the purchase. There are about seven different valve threads.

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