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Finally able to find time to add many new IBC adaptors and accessories, this will be ongoing for many weeks till eventually it will become a fully set up E-commerce site.

Please use the CONTACT link for purchasing providing your full name & address so I can provide a freight cost along with my bank details for DC or, phone me for phone Credit Card payments.

In the meantime, most of my products can be seen on trademe under ‘RainHarvester’, but dont buy there as most items will have a higher price.

Thank you for your patience!

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Essential Service Provider Status Accepted!

Good news!
Water and, collecting rain water is essential to human, animal & plant needs. I am now an essential service provider so I can now sell my products here.
I am working towards a fully operational E-commerce site but am not ready yet so, to purchase, please use the contact link providing your full details so I can work out the freight cost.
All of my products are not yet listed but they are in my TradeMe account under ‘RainHarvester’ please don’t buy there! copy the title and email it to me here via the contact link. I am registered with Fastway/Aramex & Post Haste Couriers for essential product deliveries.

**As I am also a Plastic Welder I can also perform essential Water Tank repairs anywhere in Wellington Province.

Be safe!


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How To Identify All IBC Threads

cap thread

This article deals with helping you to study and determine the THREAD ID information for various products.

Take a look at the photos below that have ID descriptions on & with them.

  1. IBC = Intermediate Bulk Container, also referred to as; Pontoon, Palleton, Pod or, TOTE.
    U.N Std Dimensions: 1200mm high x 100cm W x 120cm deep. weight 60 to 65kg.
  2. The cage is a light gauge galvanised tube steel.
    The Bladder is made of thin 3mm HDPE = High Density Polyethylene and has NO integrity without the cage.
  3. The expected life is 16 to 20 years outside before crazing, (UV oxygenation), which hardens & destroys the plastic.
  4. **NONE are designated POTABLE (for drinking water).
  5. ‘Food Grade’ does NOT mean Potable. (Drinking) Some Food Grade contents can be concentrated & hazardous such as acetic acid.
  6. Some Clean EX Food grade IBC’s are ok for water transportation.

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Intermediate Bulk Containers & Drums

The I.B.C (Intermediate Bulk Container) 1000 Litre Caged Tank specialist.

These are also known by; Pod, Palleton, Pontoon, Tote & Cube.

There are four grades available;

  • Grade 1 = Food Grade
  • Grade 2 = Garden/Stock water Grade
  • Grade 3 = Uncleaned non hazardous, clean yourself
  • Empty cages (very rare, most just buy a $85.00 IBC & remove the bladder).

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